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Grym's Growls 'n Grumblings

visions and revisions from fan and faculty life

17 April
Grym masquerades by day as an assistant professor of English & Education, but beneath the academic facade she is a wife, friend, "mom" of two german shepherds, volunteer staffer with exotic animals (including lions, tigers, and wolves, among others), avid reader and hopeful writer. In the past, she's been a high school teacher, a graphic designer, and a haunted house director. In still other simultaneous lives, she's a bit of a online gamer, a rabid fan (Harry Potter, Doctor Who, The Dresden Files (books only!),24, Dragonlance, Blake's 7, The Authority, Wolverine, etc.), a slooow fanfiction writer, an anthropomorphic gryphonwolf, a fursuiter and occasional furry artist. It's a multifaceted and extremely fluid identity - part mundane, part fantastical - and the heart of this rather schizophrenic and occasional journal.

As of November 2007, this journal became "Friends Only." New friends with similar interests are usually warmly welcomed. Just leave me a comment or send me a message!

Harry Potter fancode: BGF18 MOP1* SS+ RS- B+++++QB M+++ C++ FF+| SS|HG-! SS|MM- AD|MM

FurCode 1.3: FCWwm3/XG5mr A>A+++ C->C++ Dm++ H++ M+(prevM++++) P+++ R++ T+++ W>W+++ Z Sf# RLET a+ cn++ d-- e++++ f++ h+++ iwf++ j p+>p++ sf+

And finally, a pile o' colorbars. Just because they're fun . . .

{ wear }

Mood Themes in use:
"Doctor Who - NineRose" by wondertwins_inc
"House, M.D." by crackified

Click on the bar to visit the artists' site, if available.
If unlisted, please point me to the person I should be crediting!


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